Top 25 Reasons to Read The Undine Isles:

01. Queer mermaids with superpowers;

02. Mermaids of color with superpowers;

03. Disabled mermaids with superpowers;

04. Mythological beings who deal with their condition according to the scientific method;

05. Detailed maps;

06. Plenty of factions to declare loyalty to;

07. Multiple languages, real and invented, going on at once (with translations);

08. Diverse love stories written the way Lexa deserved;

09. Complex political intrigue;

10. Immortals of modern faiths, extinct faiths, invented faiths, and no faith;

11. Kissing enemies and kissing more-than-friends, but not too much because there's:

12. Cool old people;

13. Stringed instruments;

14. Flappers;

15. Pirates;

16. The ocean;

17. Swords with names like Starrfhiacail and L'Épine de a Rose;

18. Medical waste found on beaches;

19. Gross friendships;

20. Canal cities;

21. Actual cinnamon roll villains;

22. Volcanoes à la Vesuvius and ginormous jellyfish called Blushing Gorgons;

23. Mutinies at the most inconvenient times;

24. People who could help but don't and why;

25. People who shouldn't help but do, and oh, shite, that's the whole unraveling.